bjfanficwho (bjfanficwho) wrote in virginized,

SAD =(

there's a guy i've liked for over 2 years and well, he called me like 2 weeks ago saying he wanted to come to my house.. to have sex. i'm like i don't believe in doing it before marriage and well we had a nice conversation that lasted for a couple of hours.. anyway he said he'll call me back sometime during the week but it's been 2 weeks and it never happened =(

i invited him over to my house to HANG OUT last friday and he was pissed cause he said i'm contradicting myself (wtf?). i think he assumes that just cause i was inviting him over i was planning to sleep w/ him or something.. anyhow.. i texted him saying that i was sorry. i am really sorry i feel that i did something to piss him off but i don't know what that was =(

is it possible that things would've worked out different if i had done whatever he wanted me to do..? is it true that having sex can make the guy love u more..? he said that sometimes sleeping with a guy can make the guy love the girl more and i told him that NO.. abstaining was my way of showing him that i truly loved him cause i'm showing him that i want him 4 MORE than just THAT.. i'm incredibly sad =( i beggining to believe that he just wanted to sleep w/ me and nothing more =( what do u guys think?
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