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What the hell?

 Ummmm. What to say? I guess I can start by saying that I think being a virgin is a hard thing for people to deal with these days. Especially when you are a guy, like me, and everyone is expecting you to "ram" some "bitch"  And when people find out you've never done it, and have no desire to do it what so ever, they look at you like you are some sort of an anomaly. Like you're a freak. I'm almost twenty years old and I never had sex. I used to think about it a lot a few years ago, and found someone who was more than willing to do it with me, but I wasn't at the time ready, or interested when it came down to doing it. And no, it wasn't because of her appearance or anything like that, I just wasn't into being touched in anyway, by anyone. I'm still not. (except for hand-holding, and maybe cuddling) 

I used to hate the fact that I am virgin, but I have come to except it. I don't feel like a freak anymore, when i watch the Maury show and see all the stupid people who were in a hurry to have sex, now have babies, and no futures because of it. It's funny. From what my friends and random men have all told me about sex, it seems like I am not missing a whole lot. And the fact that people walk around and openly talk about it, makes it seem like it isn't even very special at all. Like it's about as mainstream as taking a shower everyday, or eating dinner. When I go to work and one of my co-workers uses the term "gotta get that pussy" I see that as the same as saying, "gotta have a cup of coffee" Because it's said in such a manner that it's almost like a necessity, but they can have it whenever they want. 

I've asked people a very simple question the last couple of weeks, and so far only 2 people have answered me in a way where I don't just shake my head or think less of them. "Could you be with someone in a relationship if sex never came?" And I go into detail when I ask that. I say no oral, fingering or hand jobs, just coudling and kissing.
2 said yes.
About 20 said no.
And 1 person said yes, but that she'd be getting the sex from somewhere else. (basically cheating on the other person) 

I just wonder what the fuck the big obsession is.......and why when you haven't done it, people automatically wanna assume you're gay or have issues..  or that maybe you're a loser and nobody wants you, or that you're "super religious" 

It's ridiculous.
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