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Hello all. I just thought I'd lay down some facts...just so you know, I'm a professional Sex Educator.
Almost everyone who has posted here writes that they have "done everything but had sex" this always bothers me...people always assume that sex is being penetrated vaginally with a penis. Sex is so many things! Sex is intimacy between 2 or more people..that can be so many things. Alas, that's why so many people are clueless when it comes to sex or their own bodies. Today I helped a woman figure out where all her yeast infections were coming from since her doctor couldn't even do that. We are all so unaware of most things having to do with our own bodies and the way they work. Let's keep ourselves healthy and aware - and kids, penetration is not the only way to have sex.
here's a list of SEX:
+hand jobs
+prostate massage
+vaginal massage


Come on people, with this sort of mentality you are making the defination of sex = a man penetrating a woman. First of all, only about 10% of women get any sort of stimulation from being penetrated in the first place so if that WAS sex, I sure don't think very many women would be very excited about it. Also, does that mean that all gay couples are virgins? Lesbians? These are the lables we put onto things that are so far from being true. Think about it.
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