Brandon (hockey4life) wrote in virginized,


To start off, I would like to apologize again for not being here for more than a year. Lets get down to business. To join this community, there will be an application process, which I will create in the next few days. This application will screen from the fakes and the real people. Even though they may not get in, it based off of my instincts. If I feel they are lying, then I will deny. Second, this community was not created to start drama. Most of us are grown-ups and know that drama is for little children. I will not start drama and neither should the members. People need to understand that their is not true meaning of virgin in this community. Their are second virgins and more, true virgins and people who regret loosing it and just need moral support. I am a very upfront guy and tell you what is on my mind. If people honestly think that saying the truth is drama, then delete yourself off this community. We are not baby-sitters, nor bosses. We are here for support and counseling. Over time, all of you will have to do an application. The way that is going to work is, I will delete your name on certain dates. Alphabetical order. I will let you know a week in advance. I want to wean some of the people who just add themselves to they are on a community or if they are not watching this community anymore. Posting to this community when not a member is strictly prohibited. I will be screening comments to members only. Things are changing, and hopefully for the best. I am back and am making changes.

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