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Funny how one word sticks in your head. Es[ecially since this was of a fave of the "so-called-popular" girls at school to call me because of a certain little vow of mine.

Makes me wonder if this one is still used or do these girls, who clearly lack maturity or brains, have a new one to torment those of us who actually have morals?

I had to go look this up the first time because I thought they meant the weather and it does mena that too.

[i]cold: sexually unresponsive; "was cold to his advances"; "a frigid woman" [/i]

Just because I'm not all over the top of people, doesn't mean I'm that, but in high school I didn't want any of "that supposed cool stuff". I still don't. And if I do it's on my bloody terms. No one elses, just mine.

Don't mind me, just a passing rant.

Blessed Be
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