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This needs to get out.

Alright gang. I haev a few things to say. Bare with me, or just ignore the post.

First off, I am getting really sick of the user raven55. In fact, I want him banned. He does not belong in this community because he only causes mass hysteria. He does not welcome new members unless they are just as maddening as he is. In fact, he badgers them to the point of where they wondered what the hell they did to deserve to be scolded like a child. It is one thing to be a christian (which I am going to go ahead and say he isn't one), and it's another thing to be fucking crazy. Well, he fits into the latter category. He's even told another female member that she shouldn't speak because she's a female after being fustrated at the fact that she has common sense. He contradicts himself and tries pushing other people down when he's caught doing it. He's a heartless, sexist, biggoted, hypocritical imbecile, and I wanted him kicked out. I am sure that I am not the only one who feels this way.

Also, to certain people who aren't virgins in this community, please don't tell people that there are only certain reasons one can acceptably be a virgin. It's fucking rude. For example (personal experience) Don't tell someone that being RAPED is not a sufficent reason to be a virgin. That is vile. Whatever the reason may be, don't push your beliefs (especially on a sensitive subject like rape) on anyone here. I don't care that your relationship with your boyfriend is "perfeckt." I'm sick of your snarky attitudes because you've had sex. Grow up.

"What??? You mean your life isn't perfeckt lyk minez?!?!?"

Your experiences do not = default. Shut up.

If this message is too harsh for any of you, well tough shit. I am not the greatest person in the world, and I don't claim to be. I'm just getting sick of all of the LJ users on this community who insist on sucking at life and try to make others as uncomfortable as they are.

The end.

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