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Guy Friend & Drama

Hey Guys,

So my name's Sandy and I live in a pretty boring place. I stumbled across this community while I was looking around livejournal and thought it was so awesome that other people charish their vriginity too. I'm 16 so I get a lot of the peer presure stuff about, "if you have sex, you are definatley a cool person" and stuff like that. It completely pisses me off that so many people, especially younger people, think like that. I mean, I really do think sex should be something that should happen on your wedding night because I think it's that special and it's worth the wait for so many reasons.

But besides the typical "why-I-don't-want-to-have-sex-now" thing, I had something happen last year between me and a close guy friend. Somehow, we started talking about sex and he asked me if I'd ever have sex with him, like hypothetically. I told him that I might and he asked me if I wanted to for real. I got kinda freaked out in a way cause I thought he was just messing around, you know? But then I started thinking about it and I told him that I'd think about it and tell him later. So then we started talking more about the whole situation and I was like two seconds away from actually telling him that I would go through with it, because, truthfully, I really wanted too because I thought it'd "feel good". But when we actually got together one day to hang out, I realised I didn't want to have sex just like that because it wouldn't mean anything and I didn't want him telling his cousins and friends about it. While I was thining about it though, he told me he wouldn't presure me, and he didn't...for a while. And I appreciated that.

So we ended up not going through with it and I know I definatley am happy and proud of myself that I didn't do it. We're still super close and after that whole thing happened, we stopped talking after a while cause of some other stuff too. But a couple of weeks ago, he started texting me and we're back to normal.

The thing is that he brought it up again. I told him that I wouldn't for sure, have sex with him and he asked me why. I didn't really tell him why but I think he respects my decision. I'm happy that, with that whole situation, it happened with him, and not anyone else because he's probably one of the only people who I wouldn't be in this big mess with after all of that.

So basically, that's where I am. I'm happy I'm still a virgin and I plan to stay one until I get married. I'm happy to know I'm not alone in all of this and that people support not going along with the "trend".

Has this happened to anyone else? Or anything close??

I'd like to see how you guys handled something like this.

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